Hey loves!

I wanted to create a special little something to support us through this challenging time.  As a Master Hypnotherapist, I have witnessed the power of this tool in shifting my mindset, along with my clients.  The effects are profound when used in a positive way.  

As uncertainty surrounds us, this is the time for us to stand strong & share our inner light with the world.  

This hypnosis will dissolve the fear, anxiety, and doubts that are clouding our judgement right now so that we can find love & compassion. 

I know you've found yourself here for a reason.  You are a lightworker, with an important mission to show up to support others.

This recording will bring you peace & surrender.  Thank you for being here, I love you!


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Hi, I'm Rachael

I'm a dreamer, a seeker, and a doer.  I use my powers in subconscious reprogramming, building a magnetic personal brand, and spiritual rituals to support women in wellness find alignment, love, success, abundance through business, finances, relationships, and travel.  

Weaving my story from rock bottom to rebirth to let you know that from the pain comes potential, to empower you to start from where you are. 

Designing a freedom-based lifestyle.  Quantum uplevelling. Having fun! These are foundational to my method.

My gifts lie in my high vibe energy, magnetism, and ability to tap into your inner self-worth and confidence so you can level the eff up in the way that lights you up most.