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our business journey

Freedom School Co. was created in 2019 about a year after Rachael quit her full-time job to pursue her own dreams of being an entrepreneur.  When she initially left her job, she had aspirations of becoming internationally recognized for her gluten-free directory, GlutenFreedom, the first business she successfully built after being diagnosed with celiac disease.  While her valuable resource propelled her career as an influencer, wellness expert, and digital marketing specialist, she was feeling the pull to create a bigger impact. 


She became sought after for mentorship from women who wanted to growing their personal brands as influencers while monetizing their online presence via Instagram.  After hearing the common struggles many women face with confidence & self-worth, as well as being met with her own limiting beliefs, she became passionate about doing deep inner work so she (and her clients) could succeed in a bigger way.  This lead her to become a Master NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner which took her business and sales to a new level.

We have supported hundreds of women around the world from all different socio-economic & cultural backgrounds to start, launch, grow & scale heart-centered businesses and ultimately become the best version of themselves to fulfill their missions.  Our clients have collectively earned well-over $7-figures by applying the Freedom Method™️.  This method is built upon a foundation of subconscious reprogramming (rooted in neuro-linguistic programming), our custom Quantum Identity Activation™️, and simplified success strategies,

After 4 years of business, we have created nearly $500,000 in revenue and have expanded our offers to support women beyond business mentorship and into the realms of dating & relationships, spiritual ascension, personal well-being, and lifestyle.  At the core, our primary mission is female empowerment so that they may tap into their innate worth and potential by overcoming their limitations to create the limitless life they desire.  


I'm Rach, the founder & CEO of Freedom School Co.

A brief history of my business evolution, doesn't exactly do my full journey justice, so I highly recommend you listen to That Freedom Life podcast to get the insider scoop.

In true Mani-Gen fashion, I wear many hats because this is what ignites my sacral authority, so let me break it down as best I can!

As you can tell, freedom is a core value of mine, in fact it is literally a part of my coding according to my primary Gene Key 34; my deepest purpose in life is to manifest the gift of Freedom.  

As an empowerment coach for high-achieving women I support them in entering what I call the Sacred Single Era to take a sovereign approach to dating & relationships to subconsciously & energetically prepare them for their soul love.

I am a luxury lifestyle coach for high-value women who desire opulence in every area of their life through my method of cultivating  elevated standards, elite boundaries, expansive mentality and embodiment using my Quantum Identity Activation™️ process.

I am an Intuitive Indigenous Mentor who is reclaiming her roots as a First Nations Woman by leading other trailblazers to build legacies that heal ancestral & generational cycles of lack & poverty for us to create wealth for our past, present, and future lineages.

As a Sagittarius, my pursuit & passion for freedom bleed through my life's work and has lead me to create the beautiful & abundant life I live, which I now have the privilege of sharing with women around the world.  



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