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An Award-Winning Method

Rachael Hunt, Freedom School Co., is the 2023 Pow Wow Pitch Knowledge Services Winner


Start Here to  

Build Your Legacy

 Are you a personal growth junkie who has this burning desire to be of greater service in your career?


 Are you a coach or mentor who wants to facilitate bigger, accelerated transformations for your clients?


 Are you struggling to support your clients because you don't have the tools to guide them toward liberation?

 Are you feeling like an imposter because you still experience the same fears & limitations as your clients?


Rachael Hunt is an Intuitive Indigenous Mentor helping women, like you, transmute their pain into power & wounds into wisdom and create a thriving business out of it.

A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom

"I finally feel like myself again. I went through such a massive transformation that I honestly didn't even expect. Rach helped me see patterns and beliefs that were at the root of my issues. Things holding me back that I wasn't even aware of."

Introducing The Freedom Method™️ Certification

This is the Method for The Cycle Breakers.


This is the Method the awakens the lightworker within.


This is your roadmap for creating generational wealth, success, prosperity & happiness.


This a complete toolkit of elite subconscious reprogramming tools that heals, empowers & expands the collective consciousness.  

By the end of this 6-month hybrid program, you will be certified in the fundamentals of NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, Quantum Identity, Success Coaching, and Spiritual & Energetic Attunement.

Make a big difference, starting today.


Become the ONE in your lineage 👑

The one who breaks the cycles of poverty & pain, restores blood memory, rewires fear & limitation, and forges a new path of abundance.


We will help you awaken your unique success and prosperity blueprint, access unlimited freedom from within, and teach you how to do the same for others.

We Support Women, Like You

Our approach is holistic in that we lead through the lens of spiritual & energetic principles that govern the entire world we live in.


Learning these foundations can be applied to both personal self-study and within your business to amplify your offers.

Freedom Method™️ Testimonials

"I was lost in my life, no direction, not happy at work or any area of my life. Working with Rach shifted completely my life in a best way . Going from having no vision for the future to pursuing dreams and goals."

A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom

Your Purpose & Divine Path Are Awaiting 

PSA: This is not about following in the footsteps of anyone else.  This is about illuminating the gifts, wisdom, codes and medicine buried within you.  This is about blazing a trail that is uniquely yours & discovering your true destiny beneath the programs & conditions you've subscribed to.

What t0 Expect

Imagine What It Will Feel Like When…  ☁️


 You realize your purpose is to turn your obsession with personal development into your career so you can be of greater service and do meaningful, soul nourishing work.


✨ You cultivate a gift for leading your clients through radical transformations and love delving deep into their wounds, realizing, holy sh*t, I can offer this level of magic!


✨ You are living IN the manifestation instead of working ON it all because you learned how to master your subconscious mind to break your glass ceiling and crank your financial thermostat up.


✨ You become the “go-to” in your industry and your reputation is known for getting next-level results and produce better-than-expected client experiences with your stacked arsenal.


✨ You cry tears of gratitude knowing that you are changing the lives of so many people because you trusted yourself enough to heal all those layers that once held you back – like, what is life?

The Freedom Method™️


Module 1
Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

  • Understand the subconscious mind and manifest your ultimate Freedom Life 

  • New Modality: The Holy Grail Root Cause Retrieval Technique Training

  • Use your own gifts & intuition to awaken others

  • How to heal negative emotions & limiting beliefs 

  • Release generational, ancestral, past life, womb & childhood wounds 

  • New Modality: Single Belief Change 


Module 2
Becoming the Highest Version of Self

  • New Modality: SWISH Pattern, a powerful tool to embody & integrate quickly 

  • New Modality: SUPERWOMAN Technique, a hypnotic identity practice 

  • New Modality: Quantum Identity™️ Practitioner Training and becoming that version of you

  • Embodiment Through Connected Movement

  • Somatic Release 


Module 3
Internal Conflicts, Values & Integrity

  • New Modality: Values Elicitation to Create Integrity & Congruence

  • New Modality: Parts Integration for resolving internal conflicts 

  • The importance of being in total alignment 

  • Conversational NLP Tools

    • Embedded Commands, Chunking, The 4-Mat System, Reframing

    • Tips for Sales Success, Negotiation, Achieving Desired Outcomes 


Module 4
Embedding Success & Abundance + Deeper Healing

  • New Modality: EFT Practitioner Training

    • Framework for releasing & expanding 

    • Creating sequences using intuition

  • New Modality: Hypnosis Practitioner Training

    • Creating custom scripts for quantum growth

    • Framework for mother, father, sisterhood & inner child wounding sessions

  • New Modality: Creating Anchors for Instant Ascension 


Module 5 
Success Coaching & Leading Powerful Sessions

  • New Modality: Freedom Goal Setting™️ 

  • Setting Outcomes, Accountability Action Plan & Roadmaps 

  • New Modality: Quantum Rehearsal

  • Boundaries, holding space & protecting energy 

  • Building rapport, match & mirror technique, body language congruence

  • Framework for creating powerful VIP breakthrough Experiences


Module 6
Expansion & Ascension Work

  • New Modality: How to Access The Akashic Records

  • Setting the space & weaving in ceremony 

  • Trusting yourself & amplifying your intuition 

  • Love & God energy - connecting to the divine

  • Practice Amplifiers: 

    • Pendulum 

    • Oracle or Tarot cards

    • Cleansing Tools

    • Kundalini

    • Human Design, Natal Chart, Gene Keys

The Curriculum


Become Certified As

 ⚡️ NLP Practitioner
⚡️ EFT Practitioner
⚡️ Hypnosis Practitioner 
⚡️ Quantum Identity Practitioner

⚡️ Success Coach
⚡️ Spiritual & Energetic Attunement

Who Should Enrol

Is The Freedom Method™️ Right For Me?



I am the...
Personal Growth & Self Help Junkie

  • You love investing in yourself and continuously strive to be the best you can be

  • While you have no problem working with different coaches, mentors or healers you keep thinking about what it would be like to have your own toolkit at your disposal

  • You have an affinity for anything spiritual, esoteric, and "woo-woo", now so you are wanting to expand your current knowledge

  • You are committed to being a success story in your life and crave being around other like-minded women who will uplift and motivate your journey further.


I am the...
Aspiring Coach or  Spiritual Entrepreneur

  • You know that the Sunday Scaries are not on your vision board and that where you’re at currently is not your end goal

  • You are really good at the practical/tactical skills but when it comes to holding space for inner growth you don't even know where to start

  • You have this burning desire for more in your career (the stale 9-5 can’t be it)

  • You know that you want to be of greater service, just not sure how or what that could look like

  • You are longing for a community of sisterhood.


I am the...
The Ambitious Mentor, Healer, Facilitator

  • You are a life-long student who is always looking for ways to enhance & amplify your existing toolkit to better support your existing & future ideal clients

  • You feel you are capped at your current earning potential and want to break through your own glass ceiling wish

  • You struggle with the same blocks as your clients, it’s impacting your confidence and you feel like an imposter

  • You hold back from showing up in your biz because you have a deep fear that you aren't good enough

Whats in it For Me

This Program Includes



6 Modules & 6 Months of Exponential Growth

⚡️ learn over 20 tools, techniques & practices to apply to your life & business

⚡️ become certified in life-changing subconscious reprogramming & energetic ascension modalities

⚡️ a magical portal of personal & professional growth


12 Calls for Live Demo & Practice

⚡️ 2x 90-min live group calls per month via Zoom

⚡️ opportunity for Q&A w/ Rach

⚡️ connect with your peers to support you in gaining confidence & experience

⚡️ hone your craft & refine your style in a safe & intimate setting

⚡️ come curious & open-minded


At Least 5 Special Bonuses, Just Because

⚡️ bonus lifetime access to Freedom Business School

⚡️ bonus 6-month access to The Axis, monthly membership portal

⚡️ private group chat access to stay in touch & collaborate with your new soul sisters

⚡️ bonus 1:1 call when paid in full

⚡️ custom Freedom Method™️ Certificate upon completion

I Am Ready

Let's Get Started


Payment Plan

  • Modules (Including Intro)

  • 20+ Tools & Techniques

  • 9+ Hours of Live Demo Time

  • 12 Opps for Live Support

  • 1x Coaching Certification


5x payments

Pay in Full

  • Modules (Including Intro)

  • 20+ Tools & Techniques

  • 9+ Hours of Live Demo Time

  • 12 Opps for Live Support

  • 1x BONUS 1:1 call with Rach 

  • 1x Coaching Certification


1x payments



Let's Chat!

Thanks for your message. Chat soon!

Freedom Method™️ Testimonials

"[I feel more] confident, happier, freer, more aware and open. I move through my waves even quicker, seeing and understanding them to then bring in the duality that helps me get to the other side faster while still releasing it."

A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom

This is the Mission for the Born Cycle Breakers

This is legacy work. This is about creating a ripple effect so big, it's felt for generations to come.  This is for the leaders, the light-workers, the mentors, the healers, the trailblazers & cycle breakers who are here to make a difference.


Meet Rachael

Meet Your OG Freedom Queen 👑

Rachael Hunt is the Founder and CEO of the personal development brand Freedom School Co. She is an intuitive Indigenous mentor, keynote speaker, and leader.


Rachael helps women get out of their own way in business, relationships, finances, and personal well-being to create the lives of their dreams through reprogramming their subconscious minds. She is a certified master NLP practitioner specializing in TIME techniques, EFT, and hypnosis.


She has supported hundreds of women around the world to start, launch, grow and scale heart-centred businesses and ultimately become the best version of themselves to fulfill their missions.  Her clients have collectively earned well over $ 7 figures by applying the Freedom Method™️.  This method is built upon a foundation of subconscious reprogramming (rooted in neuro-linguistic programming), quantum energetics, and simplified success-based marketing strategies.


She now specializes in leading other Indigenous Women in business and entrepreneurship to become the cycle breakers in their lineage to create generational wealth and success and build legacy.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the program start?

Our first live call is Jan 22, 2024! Upon enrolment you will receive instant access to all pre-work available to prime yourself for our first module.  

2. What is the time commitment per month?

Each month you will be given between 2-3 hours of pre-work to complete on your time.  You are encouraged to make this work for you & your existing schedule.  You also have the opportunity to join 2x 90-minute live demonstration & practice calls per month.  They hosted every other Monday starting at 2pm EST.  I highly recommend connecting with your peers to apply what you're learning to gain confidence & experience.

3. What if I feel called to the program, but the timing doesn't feel quite right?

I believe that the time is never going to feel fully "right," which is why I am all for taking action, period. Leap before you feel ready! Also, I want to remind you that prioritizing yourself is an act of high value that I highly encourage getting comfortable with! When we value & respect ourselves enough to invest time & money, we are deliciously rewarded!

4. Can I join if I don't have a coaching business?

Absolutely!  The certification is designed to work for you, in whichever way you desire to apply it to your life.  Whether this is purely for self-study and personal growth or you have a desire to start a business in the future. You will find your place in this container  (*warning, you will likely experience increased levels of inspiration & motivation).

5. Can I join if I already have a business?

Heck yes!  As I mentioned above, this certification will meet you where you're at.  This is a versatile method and can be woven into many facets of many types of businesses.  I believe if you're feeling the nudge, there's a reason for that -- trust it!

6. What if I miss a Q&A call?

All of our Q&A calls are recorded via Zoom and uploaded on the portal the next day.  So, if you have to dip out early, show up late or miss the call altogether, you'll be able to tune in at your earliest convenience. You will also have a chance to submit questions to be answered in advance, even if you can't make it.

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