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Your Ancestral Healing Hypno Activation👇🏻

Hi, I'm Rachael

I'm Rach, the founder & CEO of Freedom School Co.

A brief history of my business evolution, doesn't exactly do my full journey justice, so I highly recommend you listen to The Cycle Breakers Podcast to get the insider scoop.

In true Mani-Gen fashion, I wear many hats because this is what ignites my sacral authority, so let me break it down as best I can!

As you can tell, freedom is a core value of mine, in fact it is literally a part of my coding according to my primary Gene Key 34; my deepest purpose in life is to manifest the gift of Freedom.  

I am an Intuitive Indigenous Mentor who is reclaiming her roots as a First Nations Woman by leading other trailblazers to build legacies that heal ancestral & generational cycles of lack & poverty for us to create wealth for our past, present, and future lineages.

As a Sagittarius, my pursuit & passion for freedom bleed through my life's work and has lead me to create the beautiful & abundant life I live, which I now have the privilege of sharing with women around the world.  



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