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FREEDOM is a choice.


I am here to tell you that you deserve the life you’ve always daydreamed about. The $10k, $20k and $30k+ months are available to you. I want to empower you to go after it, and I can lead the way.


This is Rach


 Master NLP Practitioner 

 Mindset & Success Coach 

 Wellness Influencer 

☆   I am your spiritual biz bestie who is obsessed with  seeking freedom  

in every sense of the word.

☆   You’ll find me at a  kundalini yoga class  on Friday and sipping spicy  sugar-free tequila margs  on Saturday.

☆   I’ll take an astrology course followed by  shopping spree at Gucci. 

☆   I’ll read your  natal chart  while sipping a  dry white wine. 

☆   I’m  booking my next flight  while getting my  nails done. 

☆  I have built a multiple 6-figure business doing what I love, and supporting women around the world do that same, because  honestly, we rise together. 


I help inspired females upgrade their mindset & energy to expand what they believe is possible to create their own Freedom Life.

What would your life look like if you just went for it? Launched that business, attracted soulmate clients, had a growing bank account, lived that glam lifestyle and genuinely loved every step of the way.


Finally say YES! to the Freedom Life you deserve. Freedom Business School is my signature self-paced program that will evolve how you run a biz to get wildly, unconventional results that feels aligned, easy and really freakin' fun. 

Whether you're just starting with an idea or you've been struggling to find your flow in your existing biz, this immersive container will provide you with clarity, confidence, a strong belief that anything is possible AND all the tools you need to launch, grow, and make money online.

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What Freedom Clients Say

"I just wanted to reiterate how thankful I am to you. I feel like I’ve had all of these ideas swirling inside of me for a long time and with your help I’ve finally been able to make them a reality. You have also given me the confidence to just be myself- which is so liberating!!!" 

- Alanna, Trident Strong


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