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Be the one in your lineage...


We lead women to become the Cycle Breakers to heal their generational & past-life wounds to build legacy.


We specialize in root cause reprogramming that creates a ripple effect through our businesses, finances, relationships, and personal well-being.  


An Award-Winning Method & Mentor

Crafting a Legacy with Freedom School Co.


"Freedom School Co. leans heavily into understanding the individual’s mindset before diving into practical strategy. “We really emphasize the importance of healing to the root cause of the barriers,” Rachael says.


The Freedom Method™️, she adds, “empowers entrepreneurs to create sustainable, thriving businesses.” Built upon neuro-linguistic programming, quantum energetics, and marketing strategies, it’s a holistic way to heal generational wounds and foster growth through entrepreneurship. 

Now, with its sights set on supporting Indigenous women, Freedom School Co. aims for an impact that creates “ripple effects beyond the individual, beyond the business and beyond the community. This is legacy work.”"

This is Rach


 Master NLP Practitioner 

 Intuitive Indigenous Mentor 

Quantum Identity Activation™️

The Freedom Method™️

☆   I'm like your spiritual big sis who is obsessed with  awakening high-achievers  to their own gifts.

☆   You’ll find me at a  kundalini yoga class  by day and  dancing my heart out by night.

☆   I’ll spend days in ceremony followed by  a luxury getaway.

☆   I’ll read your  natal chart  while sipping a  dry white wine. 

☆   I’m  getting my nails done  while answering  soulmate clients in Voxer.

☆  I have built a multiple 6-figure business by empowering women to  overcome their limitations to tap into their full potential.

What Freedom Clients Say

"I just wanted to reiterate how thankful I am to you. I feel like I’ve had all of these ideas swirling inside of me for a long time and with your help I’ve finally been able to make them a reality. You have also given me the confidence to just be myself- which is so liberating!!!" 

- Alanna, Trident Strong


I help high- achieving 
 master their mindset,  energy, and identity to expand what they believe is possible to create their own Freedom Life.

☆ Are you a personal growth junkie who has this burning desire to be of greater service in your career?


☆ Are you a coach or mentor who wants to facilitate bigger, accelerated transformations for your clients?


☆ Are you struggling to support your clients because you don't have the tools to guide them toward liberation?

☆ Are you feeling like an imposter because you still experience the same fears & limitations as your clients?

I am helping women, like you, transmute their pain into power & wounds into wisdom and create a thriving business out of it through my award-winning Freedom Method™️.

This is the Method for The Cycle Breakers. This is the Method the awakens the lightworker within.


This is your roadmap for creating generational wealth, success, prosperity & happiness.


Rachael enjoys sharing her experience, expertise and wisdom and has been sought-after for years across multiple channels for TV segments, keynote speaking, podcast interviews.

She specializes in the areas of reclaiming your ancestral codes through the subconscious mind, Indigenous Women's Prosperity, leading the Cycle Breakers movement, creating

generational wealth and success to build legacy and empowered dating.


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