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Heal Generational & Ancestral Wounds NOW

Hi Queen!!

I am so freaking excited you've found yourself here.  This means you are a Cycle-Breaking badass ready to heal and ascend.

You are someone who knows she is meant for more.  You are the type of woman willing to break free from the status quo and the narratives that have been passed down through the lineage to live boldly on her terms.

And let me tell you love, you have come to the right place.

Listening to this Hypno Activation is going to awaken something within your soul that has been waiting to be released - whether you're conscious of it or not.

For maximum results, get yourself into a comfortable seated or laying down position with as few distractions as possible.  Headphones and eye mask are optional, but recommended.

Listening first thing in the morning or right before bed is optimal as your subconscious mind is the most open and suggestive at these times, allowing the magic to sink deeper.  But don't worry, any time of day is perfectly fine -- make it work for you! 

Lastly, you can listen as often as you'd like to continue the healing and receive even more benefits!

Heal Generational & Ancestral Wounds NOWRachael Hunt
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Hi, I'm Rachael

I am a member of First Nations Chippewas of Nawash and the Founder & CEO of personal development brand, Freedom School Co., creator of The Freedom Method™️ and the host of The Cycle Breakers Podcast. 


I am an Intuitive Indigenous Mentor helping women thrive in business, relationships, finances and personal well-being through subconscious reprogramming. 


I am leading conversations around Indigenous success & prosperity through mindset and intergenerational healing. I am an award-winning certified master NLP practitioner, specializing in Timeline Techniques, EFT, and hypnosis.

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