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TheSacred Way Application

This is a mastermind for Lightworkers, Healers, Mentors, and Facilitators called to forge a new path in leadership; a path that no one else has walked, a path that you are intuitively paving with Creator/God. 

There’s a soul-yearning to do things differently – the way you’ve been taught just isn’t working anymore. 

🪶 You want to be of greater service
🪶 You want out of the rat race and the hustle 
🪶 You want ease, heart, soul, truth, love

🪶 You want to activate your intuitive gifts further

🪶 You want to feel deep resonance with your mission & purpose

There’s a way forward that is rooted in ancestral Indigenous wisdom that is heart-centred and soul-led.

It’s in alignment, integrity and authenticity with who you are.

This is for the women wanting to break free from what they’ve been told they need to do or who they need to be in order to succeed because you know this does not feel good in your mind, body and spirit any longer.

You don’t anything outside of you to thrive, despite what we've been marketed and sold by the online personal growth industry.

Your success and prosperity blueprint is within you already and I'm about help you rediscover and unlock the pathway unique to you.

We have overcomplicated, and now we can simplify through The Sacred Way.

This is a 7-month program, with payment plans as low as $750/mo.

Accepting applications for June 2024.

Looking forward to connecting with your beautiful soul!

Rach x

Thanks for submitting!

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