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Hi Queen!!

The Elite Woman's Handbook to Empowered Dating is specifically designed to help women like you break free from negative relationship patterns, build deeper connections, and find lasting love and fulfillment in their personal lives.

This 8-chapter handbook is packed with practical tools and insights to help you shift your mindset, identify and break free from negative patterns, and build the confidence and self-awareness needed to attract and maintain healthy relationships.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • Strategies for building healthy relationship boundaries and identifying your non-negotiables, so you can communicate your needs and desires with confidence and clarity.

  • Practical tips for effective communication and building intimacy in your personal relationships, including active listening and expressing your needs and desires in a healthy and respectful way.

  • Techniques for cultivating self-love and developing a growth mindset, so you can shift your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance when it comes to love and relationships.

  • Exercises and journal prompts to help you identify negative patterns of behavior and beliefs that may be holding you back from building healthy relationships, and develop practical steps to break free from these patterns and build fulfilling connections.

  • And much more!

With The Elite Woman's Handbook to Empowered Dating, you'll have everything you need to transform your approach to dating and relationships and build the fulfilling personal life you deserve. Don't settle for less

Here is your copy of The Elite Woman's Handbook to Empowered Dating.

Hi, I'm Rachael

I'm a dreamer, a seeker, and a doer.  I use my powers in subconscious reprogramming, building a magnetic personal brand, and spiritual rituals to support women in wellness find alignment, love, success, abundance through business, finances, relationships, and travel.  

Weaving my story from rock bottom to rebirth to let you know that from the pain comes potential, to empower you to start from where you are. 

Designing a freedom-based lifestyle.  Quantum uplevelling. Having fun! These are foundational to my method.

My gifts lie in my high vibe energy, magnetism, and ability to tap into your inner self-worth and confidence so you can level the eff up in the way that lights you up most.

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