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An Award-Winning Program

Rachael Hunt, Freedom School Co., is the 2023 Pow Wow Pitch Knowledge Services Winner


Welcome to  

Your Freedom Life 👑

 Are you an entrepreneur struggling to connect to your big vision?


 Are you an aspiring business owner seeking clarity and don't know where to start?


 Are your fears and doubts getting in the way of your success?


Rachael Hunt is an Intuitive Indigenous Mentor helping women turn their vision boards into their reality.


Ready to grow with ease?

A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom

“Rachael, your work to break generational cycles is inspirational and we are so proud to support you in uplifting Indigenous women. We look forward to spotlighting Freedom School Co. to build confidence amongst Indigenous people.”

- Sunshine Tenasco, Founder of Pow Wow Pitch

Introducing Freedom Business School

This is your ultimate roadmap to heart-centred business growth, where leaders, trailblazers, and soul-led entrepreneurs meet to heal and empower the masses through passion.


This is where your visions become illuminated and actualized using The Freedom Method™️.


AKA: Where all your dreams go from possible to inevitable.

Rachael Hunt

Become the CEO of Your Life 👑

We support women, like you, to reclaim their power, confidence, and worth.


We will help you awaken your unique success and prosperity blueprint, putting you at the helm of your destiny. 

We Support Women, Like You

We offer a transformational approach to release your self-limiting beliefs.


Discover and fulfill your soul’s purpose and build a thriving business.

Community Testimonials

“Guys!! 🤩♥️ I got a new VIP 1:1 client today (she put her first payment through) AND she also registered for my women’s retreat in June and made her first payment!!!”

A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom

Save Time and Money With All the Keys You Need to Succeed in One Place


PSA: This is not your average “cookie cutter” style program; we value integrity and authentic expression, not becoming another generic clone. We make entrepreneurship exciting, empowering and liberating instead of gruelling, hustling, and struggling.

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The Benefits

The Sky Isn’t Even The Limit, So Imagine What It Will Feel Like When You…  ☁️


 Get to spend your days doing what you love, bringing your mission to the world, while pinching yourself that this is what you get to call work.


✨ Establish a success and abundance mindset that reflects in your bank statements so you can work to live instead of living to work.


✨ Have a filled-up, sold-out kind of business that allows you to enjoy the Freedom Life you’ve always been dreaming of.


✨ Become the sought-after heart-centred leader that garners respect, spreads impact, gives back to the community, creates a ripple effect, and leaves a positive imprint within all.


✨ Become the cycle breaker in your lineage, creating generational wealth and success for you, your family, and your legacy.

How Does She Do It

The Freedom Method™️


Pillar 1
Mindset and Energy

Using the subconscious mind to create success and prosperity from within while *actually* removing blocks in your way.


Pillar 2
Quantum Identity

Stepping into your true potential by becoming that version of you now, who has all your desires fulfilled NOW.


Pillar 3
Success-Driven Strategy

Implement simplified, practical digital marketing systems that feel aligned and best for your unique business.

Who Should Enrol

Is Freedom Business School Right For Me?



I am the...
Inspired Indigenous Woman

  • You have this knowing you have been chosen to blaze a trail and to bring your gifts forward.

  • You are ready to leave behind the pain you’ve been carrying from your ancestors to step into your power as a leader.

  • You desire to be the ONE in your lineage to write a new story for you, your family, and your legacy. 

  • You are committed to being a success story in your community to set the example of what’s possible when you go all in on your dreams.


I am the...
Aspiring Visionary

  • You know that the Sunday Scaries are not on your vision board and that where you’re at currently is not your end goal.

  • You spend most of your time at your unfulfilling job dreaming of the day you get to make your own schedule.

  • Your soul is yearning to be lit up as you feel the rumbling for more from within, but the clarity hasn’t fully dropped in yet.

  • Watching other’s build their dream life from the sidelines isn’t exactly what you had in mind, and you are determined to take action


I am the...
The Struggling Founder

  • You’re putting in full-time hours with ½ the pay – something isn’t clicking.

  • It felt like the gold rush at the beginning, and now the results are barely trickling in.

  • Your mindset has become your biggest enemy, and you want to get out of your own way. 

  • Despite some setbacks, you’re still motivated to make it work and willing to get to the root of it for the sake of your success!

How Does this Work

About the Program



Phase 1
Priming Your Success & Abundance Mindset

Connecting To Your Big Vision

Get clarity on your dreams, what excites you, and what makes you jump out of bed in the morning to weave your Freedom Life into reality!


The Power of Your Mind To Overcome Resistance

Access elite releasing tools to get fears, doubts & lack out of the way to feel confident, charismatic & worthy instead!


Becoming The CEO of Your Life

Say goodbye to the old you, who just doesn't quite cut it anymore.  You are stepping into your most empowered quantum self from here on.


Phase 2
Defining Your Big Vision For Clarity

Freedom Goals: The Sky Isn't The Limit

We encourage you to set those big, audacious goals and we'll teach you our secret tool for achieving them!


Reaching The Clients You're Meant To Serve

Learn how to identify & speak to your ideal client in a way that feels authentic and leaves them wondering how you know them so well!


Curating Your Magnetic Brand

Your presence should look like, well, you. We identify how you want to show up for your community to develop that juicy "it" factor!


Phase 3
Expand Your Impact For Time & Financial Freedom

Establishing Authority and Being Trusted Online

Impacting others is more than popping in and logging off, it’s about building a foundation of rapport for long-time success and, of course, freedom.


Create Major Impact and Value Online

Because you can’t pay bills with Post-it notes! Learn how to develop packages and programs that sell and serve those around you. We cover money mindset tools you can use to convert clients with ease while knowing your worth!


Create and Launch Your Desirable Offer or Product

You don’t ever have to stop dreaming, but when you want something, you need to know how to ask for it! Become a manifesting machine with a no-BS, proven process.

Whats in it For Me

This Program Includes



10 Modules Covering It All from Mindset to Marketing

Within 10 modules, you are receiving 68+ immersive lessons, totalling 25+ hours of pre-recorded audio and video training.


40+ Comprehensive Workbooks to Implement Action

This includes lifetime access to customizable PDFs, worksheets, and guidebooks that you can work through at your own pace.


Monthly Calls and Access to an Active Community

You're invited to 5x "hot seat" group coaching sessions hosted monthly.


PLUS our members-only group to share, ask, celebrate and connect with your new biz besties.

I Am Ready

Let's Get Started


Payment Plan

  • 10 Modules

  • 68+ Lessons

  • 25+ Hours of Training

  • 40+ Workbooks

  • 5x Coaching Sessions


6x payments

Pay in Full

  • 10 Modules

  • 68+ Lessons

  • 25+ Hours of Training

  • 40+ Workbooks

  • 5x Coaching Sessions


1x payments



Let's Chat!

Thanks for your message. Chat soon!

Community Testimonials

“You still need to show up for yourself. It’s not just going to happen without you doing anything but Rach provides the tools and space for you to do so if you are willing. She’s a mirror for your potential and expression.”

A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom

This is the Mission for the Born Cycle Breakers

This is legacy work. This is about teaching conscious and intentional leadership for the light-workers who are here to make a difference


Meet Rachael

Meet Your OG Freedom Queen 👑

Rachael Hunt is the Founder and CEO of the personal development brand Freedom School Co. She is an intuitive Indigenous mentor, keynote speaker, and leader.


Rachael helps women get out of their own way in business, relationships, finances, and personal well-being to create the lives of their dreams through reprogramming their subconscious minds. She is a certified master NLP practitioner specializing in TIME techniques, EFT, and hypnosis.


She has supported hundreds of women around the world to start, launch, grow and scale heart-centred businesses and ultimately become the best version of themselves to fulfill their missions.  Her clients have collectively earned well over $ 7 figures by applying the Freedom Method™️.  This method is built upon a foundation of subconscious reprogramming (rooted in neuro-linguistic programming), quantum energetics, and simplified success-based marketing strategies.


She now specializes in leading other Indigenous Women in business and entrepreneurship to become the cycle breakers in their lineage to create generational wealth and success and build legacy. 

To hire Rachael for keynote speaking, workshops or interviews, inquire below.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the program start?

It starts as soon as you enrol! It's a self-paced program, and you get instant lifetime access!  Depending on when you enroll, you will be placed in a cohort that will determine your call and accountability check-in schedule!

2. What is the time commitment per week?

This is a self-paced program, meaning you can customize the hours you spend per week working through the content. For optimal results, I do recommend one module every 1-2 weeks! But I wish for you to create a schedule that feels most aligned with where you're at 

3. What if I feel called to the program, but the timing doesn't feel quite right?

I believe that the time is never going to feel fully "right," which is why I am all for taking action, period. Leap before you feel ready! Also, I want to remind you that prioritizing yourself is an act of high value that I highly encourage getting comfortable with! When we value & respect ourselves enough to invest time & money, we are deliciously rewarded!

4. Can I join if I don't have my business started yet?

Absolutely!  This program is designed to apply to the aspiring, struggling, and uplevelling entrepreneur.  I believe it doesn't matter where you're at. You will find your place in this container.  You will get as much out of this program as you are willing to put in (and just a hint, there's crazy amounts of value within).

5. Can I join if I already have a business?

Heck yes!  As I mentioned above, this program is applicable to many phases of business development and growth.  If you feel like you've made progress in your business and are feeling like you've plateaued or are in need of a shake-up, you will be in good hands. A lot of the roadblocks we hit are a result of our programming, so we release all of the junk that's standing in our way so we can pick up that momentum again.  Sounds pretty epic, doesn't it?

6. What if I miss a Q&A call?

All of our Q&A calls are recorded via Zoom and uploaded on the portal the next day.  So, if you have to dip out early, show up late or miss the call altogether, you'll be able to tune in at your earliest convenience. You will also have a chance to submit questions to be answered in advance, even if you can't make it.

7. Do you offer a scholarship for this program?

Yes!  Depending on availability, we offer 100% tuition coverage for Indigenous women in business.  Whether you are an aspiring or existing business owner, we encourage you to fill out an application if you fit the above criteria.  If. and when, you are selected for this opportunity, we will reach out to ensure it is the right fit and you are able to commit to the program at that time! Apply here.

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