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An Introduction to Language & Money Mindset

Prefer listening? Enjoy the Language & Money Mindset episode of The Freedom Life Podcast here.

Do any of these sound like a part of you?

  • Blocks and resistance about making money

  • A lack mindset, or a lack of understanding of your relationship with money

  • Untapped knowledge of energetics and spiritual elements of money

  • Money is seen as a struggle or source of stress

Less than four years ago, I dove into a very lengthy, intense journey to heal my money mindset to expand and transform it into what it is today. Believe me when I say that my journey hasn’t stopped. I will always continue to grow and expand and that’s the desire of my clients as well; financial freedom. Despite the blocks and barriers, they know it’s possible, they see it around them.

The #1 question often is, “why isn’t it working for me?” And the reason is one’s money mindset.

BUT, the foundation of the money mindset isn’t actually money.

It’s about confidence, self-worth, deserving, the beliefs you hold around money and the relationship you have with it. Plus, there’s an importance of, and significance to, language and how we tie it into money specifically.

Our language, our personal vocabulary, is something we should all be paying very close attention to, especially when there are big changes or challenging times in our lives.

For example, if we’re acting or speaking from a place of fear instead of love, our language may be more intense or we might be saying phrases or terms that carry a different vibration than what we strive for. Think about the two phrases, “oh my god, I hate that” and “that’s so annoying.” These words, and their tonality, come with a downturn.

If we said instead, “love that!” or “oh my god, that’s so amazing,” they obviously mean the opposite but they also carry lighter energy, a form of peppiness, a loving quality. They have a more beautiful resonance to them.

Our subconscious mind eavesdrops on all of our thoughts and words. When you gossip or complain about someone, the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference so it’s going to assume that you’re talking about yourself, internalize the dialogue and accept it as truth for yourself.

Continually finding fault, complaining or playing the victim keeps you and your mindset in a negative rat race of sorts where you’re always feeling that way because your subconscious is then programmed to be that way. It’s going to keep finding reasons to feel that way and express things that way.

When you start to pay attention to the language, the words and shift away from complaints and gossip, you can install positive change in the subconscious mind and be more intentional.

If someone is upsetting you, which does and can happen, be very careful with how you express this. Instead of going to someone else and complaining, which makes neither person in the situation feel good or better, perhaps going to the source and communicating effectively about what is bothering you can be your practice. The power of the language you use in either scenario is beyond how it may make someone feel or how it may make you feel.

No matter what happens, anything that leaves your mouth, and any thoughts you may have on repeat, about you or anyone else is going to be accepted as truth about you by your subconscious mind regardless.

Words to Avoid:

  • Can’t

  • I Don’t (Ex. I don’t want)

  • I need

  • Expensive / Cheap

  • Self-deprecating comments in general

The words above carry a lack vibration. Everything is energy and if we’re striving to be the best we can be as positive, vibrational beings, our language has to match our actions. They say action speaks louder than words but our words can lead to those actions. The more you’re saying repetitive, negative phrases, that is carrying something that is so powerful and has such a deep impact on us that I want you to start listening and shifting.

Shift “I can’t” to “I will find a way”

Shift “I don’t” into “It will work out”

Shift “it’s so expensive” to “It’s so premium” or “it’s so luxury”

If you want to foster a stronger, healthier relationship with money mindset, using words that are aligned with that will help, even if you do feel a little bit of lack or you feel your mindset isn’t where you want it to be.


Jot down any negative or lack phrases you find yourself thinking or repeating in a journal, notebook or your phone notes. Read these back to yourself aloud. Reading these back with intention will cause a further realization of how negative our language actively can be, which is the best way to stop yourself from doing it further. With time, you’ll eventually catch yourself before these words and phrases come out of your mouth.

When a negative phrase comes out that isn’t in alignment, you can begin the practice of cancelling it out. If you say something low vibe or self-deprecating about yourself or someone else, simply say something self-habitual like “nope, cancel!” or “reverse that!” And replace it right away.

Reframing these negative comments into positive affirmations to shift into an abundant vibration will get easier with time. The first step is knowing exactly what they are.

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