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Declare What You Are Available For (To Get Better Results)

Something I wanted to bring up today that I’ve been sharing with my VIP clients is this idea of declaring what we’re available for. I’ve been doing a lot of work around self-worth and if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll have seen or heard me talk about it.

Something that I’m being really intentional about, and I say intentional because it’s very conscious and deliberate, is declaring what I’m available for. This originally started with my business and declaring the types of clients I’m attracting and the women I’m available for. I was really setting these ground rules and telling the universe, “this is what I’m open to receiving.” I was not letting anything else stand in my way; no lowering my worth, no settling for anything less than what I know I’m worthy of.

I know I have been guilty of settling in the past, making exceptions for certain people or spending energy on the wrong people. Now I declare that I’m not available for wishy-washy, flaky people. I’m available for those who are ready to invest, commit to their growth and get results. I want clients who want to progress as much as I want them to progress and are very much on my level.

Declaring specific availability allows you to set boundaries and this can go into relationships, how much you want to attract financially and so many other areas of your life.

I know many of you reading this are entrepreneurs, current or aspiring, so I really want to drill this home.

When we declare what or whom we’re available for, we open up the channels to attract way more abundance.

This is because we’re showing a sign of worthiness to the universe. It’s a two-parter.

#1, we’re making that declaration of availability.

#2, the universe will test us and see how serious we are about these declarations. It’s going to tempt you with people or opportunities that may seem bright, shiny and appealing but this will be testing you to see how willing you are to stick to your guts. You’re essentially going to be presented with something that will allow you to either start a new cycle/pattern or you’re going to repeat a past cycle/pattern.

Are you going to live in integrity or make another exception or lower your standards or worthiness to allow it to come through?

Be very wary when you declare what or whom you’re available for that you will be tested. This test is very important for you to graduate to your next level and allow for that bigger, better opportunity to come to you.

If you settle during the test, you’re going to signal to the universe that you’re not ready or deserving of better, thus you’re going to be met with the same lower frequency, low vibration opportunities, clients or relationships as before, leaving you wondering, “why me, why this, why again?”

You had the opportunity to turn that thing around.

When you finally do, bigger and better things do come through. It’s just about passing that test to allow for those opportunities.

This is something that I’ve been personally experimenting with, witnessing and then experiencing the positive results of. Don’t get me wrong, I have fallen for tricks and traps of going back to my old ways, patterns or behaviours as well, leading me to not get to the results I actually wanted.

Since I’ve started declaring and being intentional, I have been attracting so many amazing new clients and opportunities. But, I have had to pass those tests.

Living Test Example: I’ve had several women who were interested in working with me or signing up for one of my programs and I had to stand up for myself in the sense of saying, “that woman is not right for me.” It’s not about seeing someone wanting to work with you and saying you’re going to do everything in your power to make that happen or convince them that it’s right. It’s about saying, “I may be right for them but are they right for me too?” This is something I really had to come to terms with and am now working on with my clients and their potential clients.

They’re interested in you but are you interested in them? You need to want to work with that person and there are various clues that will support you in figuring that out, especially with their willingness to put in the work, complete their programs and get results. If they’re wishy-washy, placing blame elsewhere or living in a constant victim mode, these may not be the types of behaviour you want to be available or make room for. You’re allowed to declare that you’re not available for that.

Ready to graduate to your next level and to welcome in the abundance, success and prosperity that you’re actively calling in and are waiting for you to grab? The ability to reach for it is simply dependent on your ability to break your moulds, habits and patterns so you can step into a new frequency.

Declare. Pay attention. Receive the tests. Pass the tests. Repeat.

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