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Decide to Live Your First-Class Lifestyle NOW

Prefer listening? Enjoy the First-Class Lifestyle episode of The Freedom Life Podcast here.

Once upon a time when I was in a harbour-front room of Vancouver, British Columbia on holiday, looking at the mountains and pool, I couldn’t believe it was my life, and that I got to be living that way. I was, and remain, so grateful because it’s something I wanted for a long time but didn’t admit to myself for a longer time. I didn’t know if or when it would be possible to achieve by myself.

Before my spiritual journey, I had an idea that I could have it if/when I was in a relationship with someone well-to-do or years down the road when my business grew even bigger. I had a limiting belief that it was going to take me a lot longer to live such a first-class, five-star lifestyle.

I’ve been having such holy sh*t moments ever since because this is my life and I’m not having to strive to live this type of lifestyle. I get to choose it, I get to decide that it’s mine.

Like many of you, I came from humble beginnings in a small town. Wealth was just on a different scale and I’ve known from a young age that I wanted to live a larger-than-life lifestyle. Even travelling in my early to mid-twenties, and witnessing wealth in varying degrees on tv, in movies and the city, was something I admired and was drawn to but felt out of reach for me.

During the first few days of my Vancouver holiday, I immersed myself in the Vancouverite vibe to feel like a local. I then had this moment where I realized I was the type of person I looked at, admired and wondered, “what do they do?” and “how are they making this work?”

It was a - this is me now - moment, but:

You too can live your first-class lifestyle. It’s quite simple and I will make it as short and sweet as possible.

Back in January 2020, I was in Bali and remember setting intentions at my villa. There, I declared that I was going to live a five-star lifestyle, writing it down exactly like that. I told myself I could have it all.

At that point in life, I did not know what was going to transpire over the following months with the pandemic but it was an intention I put out there to live a first-class life.

I just decided at that moment that I would get to have that. That’s all it comes down to is deciding and then believing in your worthiness and deservingness to have it. It’s one thing to say we want something and to declare it but it’s another thing to take the next step to solidify it in believing that you’re worthy of having it.

For so long, I didn’t feel worthy or deserving because I didn’t know that was available for me. It took surrounding myself with high-vibe, like-minded women who also desire the same things and had some of the things that I wanted. I soon realized that if it’s available and possible for them, it’s available and possible for me as well. Seeing it within others expanded me and allowed me to believe I’m worthy of having it.

The essence of it all is deciding.

When I bought my first designer bag, I had just invested $10k in the mastermind I was in Bali for, was starting to grow my business at that point and had just hit my first five-figure month. Prior to that, I’d just decided that I was going to start living as if I had the first-class, five-star life already and that I was worthy of it. I then went into Gucci and spontaneously bought my first Gucci bag.

When I decided to get my Range Rover, my first luxury vehicle, I had just decided that I was worthy of it and it was something I wanted. Rather than opting for a vehicle level below that, which I would have been fine settling with, I decided to go for what I actually wanted.

While I have budget-travelled a lot in my day, staying at motels and hostels (which are fine), I’m now staying at 5-star locations because I love staying in nice accommodations. I’m always going to opt for the nicer experiences because it does make my stay that much better. The beds, the services and amenities are better which makes you feel better. They raise your vibration.

You’re opening up the blinds to a stunning mountain or ocean view that is worth the extra couple hundred dollars you’re paying to stay there. That experience shifts energies and raises vibes.

Heading for that holiday in Vancouver, as I was checking in for my flight, the option came up to upgrade to premium economy and business/first class and I said “f*** it.” It had been the first time I’d travelled on a plane since Covid hit and was a five-hour flight. I’d looked at the price, didn’t think twice and it was such a vibe to be in a separate pod and to have my own space.

All it took was saying “I’m going to do it,” “I deserve this,” and “I’m worthy of this,” all going back to the intention I’d set at the beginning of the year which expanded my belief that I could have it all.

When I was in that pod, I said, “wow, this is my life now.”

It all came down to me deciding and making that choice because I believed I get to have nice things, nice experiences and I believed that what I invest in these luxurious experiences will come back to me x5, x10, x15; whatever I decide.

It’s all about deciding that this is the life that I want, that you want.

Some people are fine with more simplistic symbols or minimalism and that’s okay too.

Believe it or not, I’m not huge on over-indulgence and am satisfied with fewer things but they’re fewer nice things. That’s what shifted for me.

I used to over-consume, buying a bunch of things that I would use or wear once and then be over them. That was at a lower price where I was cheating out on things but simultaneously thought that the more I had, the better I’d feel.

Now I can spend more on way less but feel good about those things.

It’s not even about overextending yourself and spending erratically, or spending on material things. A lot of it comes down to experiences whether they be dining at nice restaurants, staying in nice places or whatever makes you feel a certain way.

When you feel that positive way, you’re raising your vibe, your frequency.

It just comes down to you deciding you get to have it all and be the type of person who has the ability to live these first-class experiences.

This doesn’t have to mean that the very second you declare it, it’s what you’re doing all of a sudden. It’s setting the intention, believing, having faith and when the timing is right, you begin to live out that intention in the way you know you deserve.

Simply declaring it doesn’t mean it all of a sudden has to be happening right then and there, it’s just about shifting your belief in yourself and matching your worthiness to it. Feeling worthy is the essence.

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