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Find Your Expanders

If you've been following along with the Freedom Rach Channel (aka my Instagram), you'll see that I am often travelling. I realize that not everybody has the same freedom & flexibility to travel as I do, but believe me when I say that what is possible for me, is possible for you too! I have desired to have the ability to up and leave as I please, both financially and professionally, for a really long time.  I never liked being bound to a desk and limited to 2-3 weeks of vacation, so I sought a lifestyle that allowed me to both work & travel. It took me over 5 years to achieve this, so the journey didn't come without struggles and sacrifice.  However, now that I am here I want you to know that if you follow me or anyone else who is living the type of life you want that you can have it too. When we witness something in others that we want, they immediately become our expanders, if we allow them.  We have two options - you can either: 1) sulk in jealousy and resentment wondering how they do it while rhyming off all the reasons why this won't happen for you 2) get excited for that person because they are demonstrating to you that your dreams can become a reality.  It is possible and this is you proof! Option 2 presents you with your expander -- people who expand your belief system when it comes to manifesting. I personally have so many expanders surrounding me -- the coaches & mentors I work with, friends, people I follow on IG, people I meet when travelling, and many more. It's a powerful pivot when we shift from envy to empowerment! This morning, while getting ready for my day I realized that I was having an expansive experience while staying with my friends in their stunning new house in Cartagena. They are fortunate to have support in housekeeping, cooking and cleaning services on a daily basis.  This is something that I am working towards as part of my next level lifestyle goals, and witnessing/experiencing this all week has been majorly inspiring.  It's opened my eyes to all that is available to me. After all, seeing is believing. Who are your expanders in life?  What are they showing you is possible for you? Share with me via!



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