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How a Morning Ritual Can Increase Your Business Success

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I can’t stress the importance of a morning routine, whether you’re self-employed or still working 9-5. I started creating mine a few years ago, without realizing how impactful it would be for my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I was reading a number of personal development and business-related books and almost every single author, teacher, leader, and guru credited a practice to kickstart their day as integral to their success.

I’ll admit I was very inconsistent at first. I would go through phases, weeks or months long, where I’d meditate as soon as my feet hit the ground, followed by some mindfulness and gratitude. Then life would get busy and that was the first thing to get pushed to the side. But what I noticed is my mood, my reactionary instincts, and my mental clarity were off when I stopped devoting time for me.

There are several studies that suggest a morning routine sets you on a positive path, and if meditation is in the mix, it will greatly reduce the negative thoughts, worries, stresses, and emotions we experience throughout the day. I can attest to this completely. Day after day of positive intention first thing actually reduces the grey matter in our brains. We become a better version of ourselves and are better equipped to take on the days curveballs and challenges.

I am so diligent with my morning rituals now that I feel off immediately if I don’t prioritize me! I will go out of my way to schedule my alarm a little bit earlier if I have a busy day to ensure I don’t skip out. Here’s what I do:

Gratitude — giving thanks for all things in my life, even the tough lessons, signals to the universe that you love, appreciate & see the good in all, bringing more of that good to you

Meditation — I set my alarm for 10-15 minutes, reciting a mantra or positive affirmations to pump me up with good vibes & unstoppable motivation to crush the day. If my mind wanders, I allow it, but the act of sitting and grounding is beyond therapeutic and helps you train that monkey mind

Visualization — I then spend 3-5 minutes in active imagination, where I visualize my life and scenarios as I wish them to manifest. This just really cranks up the vibration to set my day on the right course.

High vibe music — I love music and I love listening to feel good music in the morning to get me moving and shaking a little. Again, it just adds to the amplification of feeling good & positive energy surround you.

In total, I spend about 20-25 minutes before I have my morning matcha just for me, and I notice that my life has transformed. I am a happier, healthier, and magnetic version of me!

What does your morning routine look like?



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