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An Award-Winning Mentor

Rachael Hunt, Freedom School Co., is the 2023 Pow Wow Pitch Knowledge Services Winner

this is the new era of 

Conscious & Empowered Dating 

 Are you a career-driven, self-sufficient & hyper independent woman who know what she wants in love, yet can't quite see to attract it?  

 Are you feeling ready to let that big love in but know there is a thick wall of armour protecting your heart from past pain?

 Are you feeling jaded, defeated and disillusioned by your "lack of luck" in love that you want to throw in the towel, or worse, settle for less than you deserve?

 Are you a low key f*ck-girl who pretends to love the games, the chase, and even a little drama to avoid true intimacy when really all you want is to find your person?

 Are you so "picky" that no one is ever good enough? 

 Are you afraid to communicate boundaries, standards, needs and desires so you don't get judged, abandoned or rejected, so instead you say nothing (or very little)?

 Are you feeling the parental, societal or social pressures amounting to "settle down" and think that your time is running out?

"POV: when you manifest your life partner thanks to all the spiritual work you did with your coach"


I Know When That Hotline Bling 📲

While the program name is a cheeky play on the hit Drake song, this is the empowered dating hotline, not the late night booty call


I know as a collective, women are done with the games.

We are thriving more than ever in careers and business.

We are not looking for men to take care of us financially, we desire to be lead, to feel safe, to be taken care of emotionally.

It is up to us to raise the bar and call upon higher standards for men to meet us where we are at.

It begins with self-empowerment.

I have come to realize if we want to attract better men, we have to become better as women.

Emotional intelligence, conscious communication, energetic management, self-confidence & self-worth.

There is a new dating cycle emerging, and I am here to help you navigate your love life in an evolved and conscious way.

I am supporting women "get out there" again after a self-proclaimed hiatus.  I am supporting women in feeling themselves again after enduring heartache.  I am supporting women in healing toxic femininity and breaking negative dating cycles.  I am supporting women in feeling safe to raise the standards in their love life to attract what they deserve. I am supporting women in dropping the extreme expectations and prioritize themselves.

Above all, I am supporting women in access their big, beautiful hearts again.  This is a journey of deeply loving you first, and foremost.

The beauty of this journey is that it all starts within.

this is perfect if you are

🤍 Looking to heal your heart & relationship to self

🤍 Ready to shed old patterns, beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back from love

🤍 Ready to take responsibility for your relationship patterns to set yourself free

🤍 Ready to break cycles of ghosting, red flag energy, emotional unavailability, noncommittal types

🤍 Committed to doing the uncomfortable work to raise standards & boundaries to meet an aligned partner

🤍 Super coachable and are willing to put in the work to get results


your new dating paradigm

💎 Prioritizing the #1 relationship in your life -- yourself 

💎 Connecting to your divine feminine in order to allow & feel safe to let men to lead you

💎 Confidently & consciously communicating your intentions and needs on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level

💎 Honouring your body's intelligence to build self-trust & cultivate patience 

💎 Healing the intimacy wound, lover wound, mother & father wound at a subconscious & energetic level

💎 Tuning in to your heart space to let more love in

Client Testimonials

"I am engaged!!! My best friend of 7 years from France came to NYC & proposed" this client went from single to engaged in 3 months

This is going to rewrite the entire dating narrative for the women who are wondering when it's going to be their turn to find love 


Picture this

You are 12 weeks away from this...


 You are embodying your own soulmate energy and feel secure with who you are and what you offer.


✨ You know that it is inevitable you will attract that soulmate love, and in the meantime you are focused on living and loving your life.


✨ You are clear about what you are looking for and feel confident to express those desires & needs honestly.


✨ You are excited to be dating again with all your newfound wisdom, knowing each experience is an opportunity for deeper growth & healing.


✨ You having beautifully softened, opened your heart and leaned into your divine feminine essence, allowing your inner magnetism to bloom.

Hotline Bling for Empowered Dating


Week 1
Entering the Sacred Single Era

  • dating detox

  • dating yourself

  • feeling secure in your own energy 

  • navigating yourself in new ways


Week 2
Shedding Your Old Dating Story

  • observing beliefs and patterns of the past

  • taking responsibility for love life

  • identifying your current & desired dating narrative

  • turning your red flags into green flags


Week 3
The Intimacy, Lover & Mother/Father Wound

  • getting to the root cause of dating woes

  • identifying your core wounds

  • unravelling fear of love, rejection, abandonment, etc

  • becoming open & vulnerable

The Curriculum


Week 4
Rewiring the Tough Girl, Independent Woman Persona

  • what's beneath the tough girl, nice girl, good girl persona

  • healing perfectionism in dating

  • leaning into feminine archetype & shifting out of survival

  • feeling safe to be lead


Week 5
Ditching Timelines, Pressure & External Projections

  • how to stop c*ckblocking the natural process

  • putting a stop to settling

  • dropping ego & expectations

  • purging the toxicity of labels and obsessing over "signs"


Week 6
1:1 Calls & Deeper Integration

  • custom subconscious reprogramming sessions to remove resistance to attracting an aligned partner

  • 60-min via Zoom


Week 7
The New [& Improved] "List" + Identity

  • trusting yourself in love again

  • establishing new dating standards & the "list"

  • embodying what you are calling In

  • self-concept & love


Week 8
Opening Your Heart & Body's Intelligence

  • recovering from heartbreak

  • releasing grief, sadness, despair

  • heart healing activations

  • sexy self-love rituals & practices

  • tuning into & trusting your intuition & body's intelligence


Phase 3
A Conscious Approach to Dating 

  • a new cycle in dating & love

  • navigating tests & lessons

  • setting healthy boundaries 

  • conscious dating profile setup

  • opening to possibility, clearing energetic space & detaching


Week 10
Maintaining Your Divine Feminine Energy

  • exiting the Sacred Single Era

  • conscious communication

  • practices to get you primed for dating & relationship

  • healthy masc/fem dynamics

  • staying in your power


Week 11&12
1:1 Feedback & Celebration Call

  • personal private check-in call

  • reflect on biggest personal & romantic shifts 

  • celebrate your growth

"I am engaged!!! My best friend of 7 years from France came to NYC & proposed" this client went from single to engaged in 3 months

Program Structure

What it Includes



12 weeks of empowered dating support

⚡️ uniting a group of empowered women to reclaim their love life

⚡️ uplifting & positive -- not man bashing or toxic dating stories


10 live group training calls

⚡️ weekly calls hosted via Zoom

⚡️ always recorded 

⚡️ open forum format included for Q&A


2x 1:1 sessions with Rachael

⚡️ scheduled halfway to offer additional custom healing support

⚡️ 1 scheduled at the end for additional refinment, if necessary

I Am Ready

Let's Get Started


Pay in Full

  • 12x Weeks of Dating Support

  • 2x 1:1 reprogramming calls

  • 10x Live Group Calls

  • BONUS 1:1 Priming Session


1x payment of


Payment Plan

  • 12x Weeks of Dating Support

  • 2x 1:1 reprogramming calls

  • 10x Live Group Calls

4x payments of


Calling in a conscious, healthy partnership begins by cultivating & embodying what you desire from within.


Meet Rachael

Meet Your Mentor 👑

Rachael Hunt is the Founder and CEO of the personal development brand Freedom School Co. She is an intuitive Indigenous mentor, keynote speaker, and leader.


Rachael helps women get out of their own way in business, relationships, finances, and personal well-being to create a life of freedom through her signature Freedom Method™️, rooted in subconscious reprogramming. She is a certified master NLP practitioner specializing in TIME techniques, EFT, and hypnosis.


She has been navigating her own conscious & empowered dating journey for the last 5 years.  Her personal experience with heartbreak illuminated for her a pathway to heal and reclaim her worth, power and confidence.  After several disappointing dating attempts, followed by a major mindset shift in her approach to her love life, she realized that many ambitious, high-achieving women, like herself, are in the same boat. 


She had heard enough stories, beliefs and patterns to know that something needed to shift.  Since meeting her soulmate love, Rachael has been on a mission to lead women into their own healthy, conscious relationships by looking inward first.

This is the Hotline Bling way.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the program start?

For the Spring 2024 cohort, we are starting March 20, 2024.

2. What is the time commitment per week?

Each live call will be approximately 60-90 minutes in length, factoring in time for Q&A.  For optimal results, I would set aside an additional 1-2 hours per week for homework.

3. What if I miss a call?

All of our Q&A calls are recorded via Zoom and uploaded on the portal the next day.  So, if you have to dip out early, show up late or miss the call altogether, you'll be able to tune in at your earliest convenience. You will also have a chance to submit questions to be answered in advance, even if you can't make it.

4. Do you offer a payment plan option?

Yes, there is a flexible payment plan option available.

5. What if my relationship status is in the grey zone?

If you are considering joining, and you have a "complicated" love life at the moment, I would say there is likely something deep within that is nudging you for a reason.  This program is designed to break the patterns of unknowns and situationship-style dating so you can call in the type of partnership you desire and deserve.

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