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where micro daily shifts  

compound into BIG monumental magic 💎

 what if you didn't have to try so hard for things to work out in your favour?

 what if you had access to powerful & effective reprogramming modalities at your fingertips?

 what if there was a foolproof way to stay consistent with an easy & elevated daily practice that doesn't fall to the wayside?


 what if you had the tools to both heal & expand simultaneously?

 what if your delulu dreams became your normal life?


Rachael Hunt is an Intuitive Indigenous Mentor helping women reprogram their subconscious minds to create the life of their dreams.


Ready to get started?

A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom


this is not your average membership, this is a movement

Your Invitation To The Axis Membership

This is a membership-based vortex created to support your constant growth & evolution.

Think of your big goals, dreams, visions and desires as living on a specific Axis Point in the quantum field.

Our current beliefs, emotional state, and vibrational frequency determine where we sit in relation to that Axis Point -- we are either moving towards or repelling away at the subconscious level.

You bring your manifestations to life when you are in total alignment with the Axis Point.

The Axis Membership helps you reach that Axis Point by tilting your point of attraction aka shifting your inner dial through our elite subconscious reprogramming tools.

Our goal is to assist you in reaching your goals with greater ease.

A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom

PSA: It’s not that you’re not worthy or deserving of what you desire or even that it’s far away, your inner dial is currently set slightly off-kilter with the aligned frequency of your manifestation – with the Axis Membership, we help you course correct with the path of least resistance


our mission

The vision for the Axis Membership came out of a deep desire to get high-caliber healing modalities into the hands of more women.

We know one woman on the rise can create a beautiful ripple effect, but what about an entire community?

The mission became clear: increase the accessibility of these reprogramming tools to support women in breaking old toxic cycles, releasing limiting beliefs and negative emotional patterns, and programming confidence, self-worth, and personal power for an enhanced quality of life. 

The Axis offers you access to your unique point of attraction where the money, the success, the recognition, the love, the happiness, the bliss, the inner peace you desire exists.

why join the Axis

the pathway to more magic, miracles & manifestation in your life 👑


 Access to elite reprogramming tools and modalities often reserved for high-level mentorship that will help you heal, transform and expand


✨ Experience the *real* effects of a proven manifestation method, that goes beyond journaling & visualizing, through subconscious reprogramming.


✨ We make it easy to stay committed & consistent with your personal growth goals to make healthy daily habits that you wake up excited for.


Uncover new codes & wisdom about yourself, including ancestry and past lives that allows you to ascend to new levels with our signature technique.


Anchor & imprint safety in your body as your expand your capacity to receive more of your desires with one of our favourite somatic tools.

how to tilt your axis

The Foundations of the Membership


Hypno Activations

think of these like a deeply relaxing guided meditation that activates healing and expansion in your subconscious mind with incredible results


EFT / Tapping

an OG modality that everyone loves that creates rapid shifts in your energetic & emotional state and helps to move through the healing process gently.


Integrative Journaling

an intentional and devotional practice that supports you  in becoming conscious of the wisdom & codes you're receiving as you reprogram. 

our community devotion

It is so important for us to cultivate a community with a strong sense of belonging.  One of the bravest, and at times lonely, paths we walk is into the depths of self-discovery


While this may shed light on our current relationships and an urge to make changes that leave us feeling alone, the truth is you're not.  You are more supported than ever!


This is a community of like-minded souls who desire to ascend on their personal growth & spiritual journey.  We uphold highest standards as we step into our highest selves.

This is an uplifting sisterhood and a safe space share dreams, wins, growth, challenges.  

All are welcome.  Everyone has a place.


your one stop shop

The Axis Includes



1 *NEW* Theme Per Month Including Hypno, EFT & Journaling

Month after month we will be building upon the work with at least 3 brand new pieces of content to help you evolve.


At Least 1 Live Recorded Transmission Per Month

Receive channeled healings and activations virtually in real-time to peel back layers and  accelerate momentum.


Growing Community of Devoted Women Making a Difference

Simply enrolling plugs you into our community of members where you can to share, ask, support and connect.

I Am Ready

Let's Get Started



  • 10 Modules

  • 68+ Lessons

  • 25+ Hours of Training

  • 40+ Workbooks

  • 5x Coaching Sessions


cancel anytime **

Annual Membership

  • 10 Modules

  • 68+ Lessons

  • 25+ Hours of Training

  • 40+ Workbooks

  • 5x Coaching Sessions


2 months free



A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom

Your Pathway to Alignment Just Got Simplified 

The Axis is an on-demand  platform that exercises your subconscious mind for limitless potential, expansion and abundance.


Meet Rachael

Meet Your OG Freedom Queen 👑

Rachael Hunt is the Founder and CEO of the personal development brand Freedom School Co. She is an intuitive Indigenous mentor, keynote speaker, and leader.


Rachael helps women get out of their own way in business, relationships, finances, and personal well-being to create the lives of their dreams through reprogramming their subconscious minds. She is a certified master NLP practitioner specializing in TIME techniques, EFT, and hypnosis.


She has supported hundreds of women around the world to start, launch, grow and scale heart-centred businesses and ultimately become the best version of themselves to fulfill their missions.  Her clients have collectively earned well over $ 7 figures by applying the Freedom Method™️.  This method is built upon a foundation of subconscious reprogramming (rooted in neuro-linguistic programming), quantum energetics, and simplified success-based marketing strategies.


She now specializes in leading other Indigenous Women in business and entrepreneurship to become the cycle breakers in their lineage to create generational wealth and success and build legacy. 

To hire Rachael for keynote speaking, workshops or interviews, inquire below.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the program start?

This is a rolling enrolment community! Meaning you can become a member at any time.  When you enrol, you receive instant access to our entire library of pre-recorded content and can choose your own adventure to get started!

2. What if choose month-to-month but want to upgrade to annual?

If you decide within 72 hours of becoming a member that you want to upgrade to an annual membership, email

3. What happens if I am unable to commit to the Axis anymore?

You are free to cancel on your own at anytime.  There is an option within your account dashboard that allows you to do so if your circumstances or decision changes for whatever reason. No questions asked!

4. If I cancel, do I lose all access to content?

Yes, that's correct.  As soon as you decide to cancel, you will lose access to all content at the end of the next billing cycle.  But the good news, is that you can decide to re-join again at any time.

5. What if I miss a Live Transmission call?

All live transmission calls are recorded via Zoom and uploaded on the portal within 24 hours.  So, if you have to dip out early, show up late or miss the call altogether, you'll be able to tune in at your earliest convenience.

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