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Let it be easy 

No more resisting, controlling or forcing 

 Are you struggling in an area of your life and feel like no matter what you do, you always end up back where you started?


☆ Are you experiencing momentum in your life but you worry it's too good to be true or the other shoe is about to drop?


☆ Are you ready to collapse time and defy what you've been conditioned to believe is possible for you?

☆ Are you ready to catapult to the next level of business or career success, financial overflow, romantic love or personal well-being?

A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom

"Rachael will rock your world. With the energy of a best friend and sister, she will call you out on all the ways you aren’t holding standards or blind to your own patterns. She’ll help you bust through ceilings and see where you’re hiding, where those generational traps are caught on your tail and help set yourself free. Her intuition is a gift. Her light illuminates the path. I’m so grateful"

Introducing The VIP Day Experience

 This is an elite, high-caliber experience.

Inspired by and created for the high-achieving woman who knows deep in her soul there is so much more of life to be enjoyed and experience.
This is where we uncover what that is to build accelerated momentum towards your ideal life vision.

Give yourself permission to go all in.

Collapse time & space to manifest faster than ever before.

Uplevel. Expand. Evolve. Heal.


My life changed in one day 👑

My life changed after my first VIP Day Experience during my Master NLP Practitioner Certification.

I remember it so clearly - I was striving for $10K months, yet my financial thermostat wasn't attuned to that level yet.

I was afraid to make bold moves that I knew deep down would support my growth.

Walking into that VIP Day Experience, I knew it was all about to change for me.

A new cycle was about to begin.


Within 90 days I was earning consistent 5-figure months 💸

I had quantum leaped, and I accredit a large part of that journey to my personal Breakthrough experience.

So whether you are ready to leap to that next financial level in business, claim that big promotion you've been vying for, call in your BIG soul love, connect with & awaken your spiritual gifts, and overall enhance your quality of life + lifestyle -- this will absolutely, positively transform your life.

VIP Day Client Testimonials

"God led me right to the mirror and The vision holder who has been the most incredible expander, soul sister and motivator for this next quantum level I was craving. I just KNEW it was Rachael. The energy. The truth. The way she would push me and challenge my old stories."

A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom

We are not here to create results that make logical sense, we are here to quantum leap

PSA: This is the equivalent of 2 months of private coaching in one day and at a fraction of the investment.

What to Expect

 🔥 Fully customized support + access to range of tools to support your path of least resistance

🔥 An immersive day of subconscious + energetic healing & integrating to liberate you

🔥 Break generational & past life cycles keeping you looped in lack & scarcity mentality using NLP, hypnosis, tapping, embodiment, spiritual rituals

🔥 Map out your Quantum Identity to show up in your life as is all your wildest wishes are already fulfilled

🔥 Quantum leap into next level love, wealth & success through higher self embodiment

🔥 Subconscious goal setting to actually hit those milestones


We Can Focus on...


 FINANCE & BUSINESS (OR CAREER) to attract wealth, clients, promotions, opportunities, success


✨ HEALTH & WELL-BEING to become the healthiest version of yourself, making better choices, eliminate patterns of sabotage, prioritize personal care


✨ SPIRITUALITY & PERSONAL GROWTH to deepen your connection to your intuitive gifts and creating space & momentum to bring your healing magic to create major impact


✨ LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS to attract soulmate, heal toxic dynamics, mother/father & sisterhood wounds, meet aligned people


✨ RELATIONSHIP TO SELF to amplify self-confidence, esteem, worth, and love and healing the most important relationship you've got -- to yourself 

Whats in it For Me

This Program Includes



8-10 Hours of In-Person
Private Mentoring

⚡️ includes 1x 60 minute priming session via Zoom beforehand

⚡️ completely healing, releasing & reprogramming all limitation from past life, generational, womb & childhood wounds

⚡️ high-caliber quantum identity shifting for rapid shifts


2 Weeks of Integration Support via Voxer

⚡️ receive an additional 2 weeks of support with Rach 

⚡️ on-going integration & embodiment guidance

⚡️ navigating life as the new you

⚡️moving through triggers and projections that arise


1-Night Accom, Spa + All Meals Included

⚡️ we take care of these details so you can sit back and enjoy the experience

⚡️ your home away from home 

⚡️ food allergies & preferences will be accommodated

⚡️ sauna & hot/cold therapy included

⚡️ transportation not included**

Sample Itinerary

I Am Ready

Let's Get Started


** Application Only **

  • ​8+ hours of mentorship

  • 1x 1:1 priming session 

  • 2x weeks of Voxer support

  • 1x night accommodation 

  • 1x full day of meals

  • 1x spa experience


1x payments



*payment plans avail*

Let's Chat!

Thanks for your message. Chat soon!

VIP Day Client Testimonials

"Surpassed the 10k goals for April ($12.8k) - tapped into the energy we were talking about and everything just flowed so perfectly"

A woman waving a scarf in the wind to symbolize freedom

It is of high self-value to invest in yourself to heal and break repetitive cycles to create a better future for generations to come.

A breakthrough is what happens when you finally get out of your own way.


Meet Rachael

Meet Your OG Freedom Queen 👑

Rachael Hunt is the Founder and CEO of the personal development brand Freedom School Co. She is an intuitive Indigenous mentor, keynote speaker, and leader.


Rachael helps women get out of their own way in business, relationships, finances, and personal well-being to create the lives of their dreams through reprogramming their subconscious minds. She is a certified master NLP practitioner specializing in TIME techniques, EFT, and hypnosis.


She has supported hundreds of women around the world to start, launch, grow and scale heart-centred businesses and ultimately become the best version of themselves to fulfill their missions.  Her clients have collectively earned well over $ 7 figures by applying the Freedom Method™️.  This method is built upon a foundation of subconscious reprogramming (rooted in neuro-linguistic programming), quantum energetics, and simplified success-based marketing strategies.


She now specializes in leading other Indigenous Women in business and entrepreneurship to become the cycle breakers in their lineage to create generational wealth and success and build legacy.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone attend this experience?

Yes! This is unlike many of my other containers where having your own business is a prerequisite.  The only thing you need is a desire to heal & grow and a willingness to put in the work.  

2. What dates are available?

We will arrange our VIP Day on a date that works for both of us, as this is a completely customizable experience.

3. Are start times flexible?

Yes, we will work together in advance of the VIP DAY to align both dates and day-of itinerary.  It is recommended we start no later than midday just to make sure we have ample time to gain momentum.

4. Is transportation included?

Each VIP Day client will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the experience.  If you require any assistance in making arrangements, I am happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction!

5. Are there payment plan options?

Yes, once you complete an application I will contact you to discuss all available payment options, depending on which date you are interested in. 

6. What if I have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances?

Our cancellation policy is outlined in the contract you will sign upon enrolment. If you require a postponement, I will require at least 7 days in advance to make the appropriate adjustments (unless otherwise specified in your contract).

**No refunds will be issued, only credits to future programs or experiences.

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